Drop Bags &  Gear Check

Drop Bags

Only 50K and 50 Mile runners are allowed drop bags.

  • The 50K drop bags will go to Aid Station Foxtrot (mile 15.5).
  • The 50 Mile drop bags will go to Aid Station Hotel (mile 25).

An aid station volunteer will pick these up from the start line on race morning and transport them to the aid station location.


Drop bags may be any container - bag, plastic bin, backpack, etc. Please clearly label drop bags with your bib number and distance. Drop bags can be left at Willard Middle School on Saturday morning.


After use, make sure that items are packed back into the bag or container. Place the bag at the designated location for transport back to the finish line. Every effort will be made to get your drop bag back to the finish line as quickly as possible.



Gear Check

Any runner may have a gear check bag. Gear check will be available at Willard Middle School. Gear check bags can be a bag, backpack, plastic container, etc. Please clearly label the gear check bag with your bib number and distance. Gear check bags may be left at the school on Saturday morning.


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